R connection

InfoStat includes de Runner interpreter. It implements a user-friendly interface to R. The interface was written in Delphi® and depends on  an R server that let R to run in the background. 

The interpreter allows the user to write and run his/her own scripts. The main window of the interpreter is divided in four panels: Editor, Output, Messages and the Objects’ panel. The Editor let the user to load scripts previously written or to write new ones. Is based on the SynMemo component of the SynEdit package (http://SynEdit.SourceForge.net). The R‑hightligther, used in combination with the SynMemo component, was specially written for this project and will be soon, available in the SynEdit SourceForge repository. The editor highlights common keywords, numbers, symbols, reserved keywords, comments and the pairs of parenthesis. A help or extended help on a topic can be requested selecting the “word” in the Editor and pressing the corresponing help button in the toolbar. The window help will be displayed as a separate window as if the user were requested it from R.